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Healthy Lights? Of course! Just ask me! My story goes back some 15 years or so. I was diagnosed with lupus and given no positive outlook for my future. Pharmaceutical solutions have never been a viable option as the potential side effects are

worse than dealing with this disease. As the years pass, the struggle gets more and more real, debilitating pain and fatigue taking its toll. Finally, a flare-up in November of 2016 reduced my abilities to function to almost nothing. Pain became unbearable, my cognitive function compromised. Painkillers only serve to add to the struggle that has become too familiar, "brain fog". My desire to continue living becoming less each day.

Enter Mark, Lana and the lights. I have nothing to lose so when Mark offered a session saying, "it can't hurt to try", I said yes. I went to the appointment with no expectations. I was hardly able to speak coherently and almost doubled over with pain.

It was one session, one hour, that convinced me that the lights would be making a huge difference. I left that evening without any pain and the mental clarity was amazing. I was able to think. I could move again. Amazing! Years of pain, gone in an hour. Again, amazing!

Weekly sessions have been keeping me pain free, and now I live with the hope that, with the lights, I can one day tell you I have been cured of lupus.

My story isn't over yet, but, I have a new lease on life, thanks to the lights, and thanks to Mark and Lana.

Gerald Wiebe-Saskatchewan

I was fortunate to be able to use the healthy light system after I had my knee replacement and found that they were very helpful in speeding up the healing process as well as giving me much needed pain relief.

They greatly decreased the swelling and gave me greater range of motion.

I have also used these lights on my aging arthritic dog to help relieve her pain.

Lisa Ryan - Calgary, AB

I started seeing Lana and doing light sessions to help with my pcos and fertility. Although I haven't achieved pregnancy yet I do believe in the ability for the lights to help. After my first session I had the most incredible sleep of my life. We also put lights on my wrist to help with my tendinitis and Took away my pain. The lights also helped with a severe toothache I had for over a week. One session of lights=no more pain. I look forward to continuing my light therapy journey.

J Currie - Saskatchewan

I have had success with these lights as they have helped minimize the inflammation after the surgery I had 3 years ago - massage therapist has noticed the area is not as tight and therefore easy to manage.

Calvin W, Saskatchewan

We have seen an improvement after our first appointment with Lana and Mark.  My sleep pattern was better, also my lower back pain I seen a difference  and my  husband also seen a difference in his nerve and mobility. We are going back for our second treatment this week.


It has been a few months and I know these lights have helped me in so many different areas and I have so many more areas that need to be worked on, so.... I purchased a system and use it loyally everyday with great success.... Thank You Lana...

Margaret Bussiere - St Fronz, Saskatchewan

I was first introduced to the lights at a wellness expo in Saskatoon. I've had chronic lower back pain for five years and nothing had helped. I will admit I was skeptical, but I thought I have nothing to lose with the free trial! I didn't really notice a big difference until the next day. My back didn't hurt. Not that day or for the next five days. I was amazed. And to top it off I had a really good sleep. That never happens to me. I knew I needed these lights in my life, so I purchased a two port system and I use them daily. Now I sleep well and the pain in my back is manageable. Not gone completely, but now I have quality of life again.

A year ago, on a Saturday in June, I was out trimming our trees in our yard and I poked myself in the eye with a branch. Off to the emergency room where I was told I had damaged my eye and that I needed to see an optometrist first thing Monday morning so they could assess how much damage I had sustained. I was put on antibiotics and told I had to wear an eye  patch for five days and no driving, which meant I couldn't work. Lights to the rescue! I used them four times, an hour each time. After the first session I no longer had pain in my eye. By Monday morning when I should have been headed to the optometrist, I was heading back to work. My eye completely healed.

My husband also uses the lights. While we were on vacation last summer, my husband cut the palm of his hand and again we were off to the emergency room. The doctor told him it needed stitches, but because it was in the crease of his hand he was concerned if he stitched it that it would get infected. "Keep it clean and in a month or so it should heal on its own." Again, lights to the rescue! Morning and night, I put the lights on his hand. Eight days later his hand was completely healed.

I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't tried the lights. I take them with me whenever I leave home. They have changed my life completely and I can't think Lana enough for sharing the lights with me and my family.

Tracey Schaab- Unity, Saskatchewan

These lights have been amazing for me on so many areas. My biggest problem was a shoulder injury that kept me in pain for over 18 months. I tried everything that is out there for treatment and pain, and nothing worked. I use the lights every day for about a week and the pain subsided and I was able to move my shoulder with no pain. I used it maybe once a week just to make sure it was not going to come back and it did not. It is also been great to take the swelling down in my knees as I have osteoarthritis in them. It has helped with headaches and any other area of my body that is sore. This was an amazing investment and I have no regrets.

S Sullivan - Kelowna, BC

We were referred to healthy lights by our brother, who had great results for his shoulder, after our first hour session, the following day we noticed changes, my husband who had had an injury in the fall and had floaty things, not floaters, in both eyes and his right eye, has cleared up and it's helping his left eye as well. He also had a lot of pain with his femoris muscle and that has also eased up. His foot pain is getting better as well. His eyesight is very clear now.

 My eyes had the starting of cataracts and I can honestly say I feel the lights have taken my cataracts away completely. I can see so clear now as well. I also currently have a complete tear in my right shoulder and a partial tear in my left, before I had a session my shoulder pain was constant and I was not sleeping well at all .  I could sleep on my arm and the pain is gone and now, I can sleep. We called Lana a few days later and bought our own system.

E & J Soloski - Saskatchewan

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